“Built Over a Century” Photo Marathon

From now until 13th December, 2020, you can sign up to join the Photo Marathon individually or form teams with a maximum of four people.

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Photo Marathon

Privacy Policy

  • “Built Over The Century” Photo Marathon (Photo Marathon) is a mobile app for users to submit photos taken on mobile phones, participate in a contest, and vote for their favourite photos. It is provided by The Hong Kong Construction Association, Limited (collectively, “Hong Kong Construction Association”, “HKCA”, “we”, “us”, and “our”).
  • As part of Photo Marathon, we shall collect and use your personal data only for the purposes stated in this Statement. Personal data refers to any information that enables us to identify you as a user.
  • We shall collect and process data related to the contest, such as information about your account (including name, HKID number, phone number and email address) which are collected when you register for the mobile app and enter into the contest, as well as contest submissions and photo metadata such as name, location, description and EXIF; and contest winners’ contact information such as name, HKID number, phone number and email address.
  • With the exception of winners’ information, we will store your personal data in a data center located in Hong Kong. We will only process and retain your data for the purpose of operation, management and promotion of the contest. All the personal information collected will be destroyed within six months.